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We would like to extend a great deal of thanks to all our friends and fans for helping to make "Disengaged" a great success thus far. Disengaged (along with our first release, Hollow) is for sale online at both cdbaby.com and Towerrecords.com. We're working on setting up online distribution for all our merch at the moment, but until that time, if you'd like to purchase direct we'll accept money orders for the following:

Disengaged CD - $10
Hollow CD - $5
Disengaged Tshirt (M,L,XL) - $12
Disengaged Tshirt (XXL) - $15
Hollow Tshirt (M,L,XL) - $12
Hollow Tshirt (XXL) - $15
Babydoll Tank Shirt (S,M) - $15

Please make payable and address to the address on our Transmissions page. Please specify types of merch, quantities, and sizes, and please remember to include your name and mail-to address.

In other news, for all you folks who have missed the radio interviews we've done in the past, here's your chance to hear us act like idiots on-air. Go to www.roanoke.com, and click on the "Entertainment" link on the left. Then look for "Podcasts" and select TK-421 from the menu.

Until our next update,

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